About Me

Dwight Bentz - Agency Owner

Dwight was born in and raised in Merced, CA. Dwight's mom, Kelly, has been in Education for over 35 years. Mike, Dwight's father, has been in the window covering / design business for just as long. Together, these two individuals formed the core of how Dwight does business.

After graduating with an Economics degree from UC Davis in 2007, Dwight's path led him into education. He worked as both a tutor and teacher while trying to find a school district to call home, he felt this invisible hand (economics joke) driving him toward something more.

In 2011, Dwight left the education industry to pursue a career in the financial services / insurance industry and he has been there ever since. Dwight "cut his teeth" by working as an exclusive insurance agent for AAA Northern California and in 2019 decided to move on to open his own Farmers insurance agency.

Dwight's parents are a tremendous influence on how Dwight conducts his business. He believes that his clients should be educated on what they are buying before they purchase. Dwight's father built his business by creating trusting relationships with his clients and Dwight feels that is just as essential in this time.

Dwight now lives in Folsom with his wife Anne, as well as with their two dogs, Douglas and Pupper. Dwight enjoys going on walks with his wife, playing golf when he can, and volunteering / supporting local non-profits (particularly for Veterans).